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I got to know about the meaning of true learning, when my daughter was admitted in Class VI in Shri Thakurdwara Balika Vidyalaya. It was a completely different experience in terms of education for my daughter. At Thakurdwara, equal focus is given on the whole education as on academics. The whole aspects of teaching and learning have helped me in better time management, social interaction and communication. We are given experiential learning opportunities that helped us to understand and emulate the core values of love, empathy, discipline and respect. I can say that education at Thakurdwara has definitively made the students locally rooted but globally competent


My daughter’s experience with this school is very good. They are in the field of education from last 27 years and in these years; they have shown their value and effectiveness. They have a huge campus and best in girl’s education in Ghaziabad. I recommend everyone to visit Thakurdwara. I am so happy with this experience. My daughter has learned great values and is very respectful. She is focused on her career and was guided on each and every step by the teachers.

Pankaj Yadav
Father - (Mani Yadav- XII E)

Shri Thakurdwara Balika Vidyalaya made me believe that a school is not only a learning institution but a place where we all grow and experience together. As a student, my daughter’s skills not only academically but also physically and mentally, have enhanced through interactive competitions and extra-curricular activities. All the Students are appreciated for their hard work which motivates them to work even harder. This school highly invests in scientific equipment and technology to provide a better and efficient form of learning to the students.


Shri Thakurdwara School is a noble endeavour to prepare aspiring youth of 21st century. This school believes that girls are not just simply students; they are unique individuals, having infinite potential. Keeping the girls in focus, school filters all decisions and actions. The School ensures single-minded devotion to each girl’s growth and development. Real understanding comes from an integrated approach. Thakurdwara imparts activity based learning to the girls, where in all the teachers engage themselves and learn as per the saying “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”