Words From Principal’s Heart

Words From Principal’s Heart

Dear Parents and Students,

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”

To express my views about Vidyalaya, of which I am an active part, is certainly a matter of pride for me. This time the circumstances are totally different and really it is a very tough time for everyone. We all are aware that the COVID-19(Corona Virus) situation makes an anxious and challenging time around the world.

It is remarkable that we managed to deliver a distance and digital learning platform as swiftly as possible. When Online Learning was not an ideal, our Teachers and Students certainly made the most of it and making this online experience better day by day.

This would be possible only with the blessings of God and optimistic approach and encouragement of our Founder Manager, Shri Ajay Goel and joint efforts of our Dedicated Staff Members, Hardworking Students and Supportive Parents who encourage us and support the decision we make to manage the changes which pandemic has inflicted on us.

The Corona virus pandemic is a reminder from nature that we are insignificant. Recently, we have found that the crisis of Covid-19 goes hand in hand with a positive shift in Public Awareness of nature. There is no doubt that Lockdown, Quarantine and distance from society have brought many behavioral changes in Lifestyle, Economy, Education and Environment. It’s a tough time, but we will go through this.

Looking forward for smooth and rewarding journey in the coming session too…

With all good wishes for everyone’s Health & Safety.

Poonam Sharma