Shree Thakurdwara Balika Vidyalaya
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1.      Science Lab : The school is having separate laboratories for  Physics, Chemistry  and Biology. The aim of these labs is to create active interest in scientific learning and to develop scientific attitude in students.

2.       Maths Lab: Without any use of Maths, there will be a pause all around the world, it is, therefore a significant subject but the main problem is the way of presenting the subjects especially with a child of less aptitude. The school aims to make this subject easy & simple and in order to comprehend certain difficult concepts, our lab is well equipped with basic models and theorems in Maths.

3.       Home Science Lab: “Home Science is concerned with the attainment of the well being of individuals and families, the improvement of homes and preservation of values significant in home life” Ellen Richard.

Keeping the views of Ellen Richard in mind, the school has started Home Science as subjects for  XI & XII class students. To make this subjects interesting and appealing different practicals are organized by a teacher in Lab.

4.        Social Science Lab : To make this theoretical subject simple , lucid and easily understood by the students, We have, well maintained S.St lab with the aid of innovative approach like projects, models, etc. Our Students have made this subject easily digestible.

5.       Computer Lab: “A computer is a combinations of It Basics, IT Tools and IT Applications and Much  more….” This School trust in Providing an ample opportunity to its students to ensure consistency . So we are providing two computer labs.

Senior Lab- mainly ment for XI and XII . Junior Lab- for classes VI – X

6.       Commercial Art Lab: Commercial Art is a part of Applied Art. The objective is to increase creative skills among students. They can be self dependent by adopting any of its courses after XII. In future they can become a freelance landscape artist, book cover designer, Poster designer, good calligrapher etc.

7.       Fashion Studies Lab: Recently school has introduce a new course of Fashion Studies. This is a path consisting of modular studies and point out their skills  in drawing, knowledge of fabrics designing and garments stitching moreover Fashion Studies is able to communicate the stylistic identity of the designers.

8.       Music  & Dance Room: “Music & Dance are God’s most magnificent and delightful gifts that bring joy to the body and calmness to the soul”.

Keeping this view in mind, we have a well-equipped music and dance room having various musical instruments. Students learn there to play different musical instruments and also learn different forms of dances.

9.       Gymnasium: The school has a gymnasium for the students to build up strength, stamina and speed that are vital for games & sports.

 Smart Classrooms: In an era of It revolution, teaching can not stay far behind. Teaching at the school is a fine blend of latest multimedia technology. Students get all the ICT support in their smart classroom and encouraged to perform as digital learners.

  Audio-Visual Room:Our school has a well-equipped & furnished Audio-Visual room. The main purpose of having this facility for students is the fact that whatever is seen by our eyes is retained by the brain more effectively that just reading or listening to it. The A.V. Room caters for junior as well as the senior sections of the school. Latest technique of multimedia projector is employed here. The many faceted Audio-visual room is used to show visuals and slides pertaining to study different subjects, to demonstrate theorems, rules in Physics laws and experiments. It helps to visualize the experiments to be performed in labs and it shows practical Day-to-Day Applications of the Scientific Laws. Students can also demonstrate their prepared projects with help of Projector.

  Language Lab: Our school constitutes a well-furnished Language lab which is used for learning through teacher’s console and Language Learning Software. It acts as a platform for learning, practicing and producing language skills through interactive sessions & communicative mode of teaching. It helps to maintain good linguistic competence through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation & vocabulary.

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